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  Buffet Name Tag Holder Barbeque Charcoal Anti Skid Tray Beer Barrel  

  Buffet Display Stands Cereal Dispenser Chaffing Dishes Buffet Utensils  

  Dinning Table Double Bucket Trolley Food Service Trolley Electric Incense Burner  

  Folding Service Table Gn pan Barie with Cabinet Gn Pan Barie with Electric Stand Jack Tray  

  Juice Dispenser Housekeping Trolley Jumbo Tiffin Carrier Kitchen Equipment & Utensil  

  Luggage Cart Luggage Trolley Luggage Trolley Masala Trolley  

  Menu Card Holder Onion Potato Trolley Planter Waste Bucket Bin  

  Caution Standing Board Queue Manager Kettle Tray Set Shoe Polish machine  

  Service Trolley Round Pot Bain Marie Sink Single Unit Sink Three Unit  

  Tapper Service Trolley Stainless Stell Name Plate Stainless Stell Name Plate Work Table  
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